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About Us

Sardarian Youth Charitable Trust (Regd.) is organizing Dastaar Training Camps in the various villages and cities of Punjab as well, all such camps are organized by us with a common motto to convert huge number of youngsters to Sardars, with a non-profitable aspiration. At our 7-day Dastaar training camp, we surely teach the teenagers, those have never tried to wind a single fold of turban on their heads in past, to bind the well designed and beautifully folded turbans. We are also providing the VCDs of Dastaar Training to the participating youths for free of cost.

Since the launch of this Dastar Training camps, we have figured a highly positive response and interest from the Punjabi youngsters. Now days it has been compulsory for each and every boy with untrimmed hair to have an attractive turban as post the completion of 12th standard, when a Sikh student entered into the college life, then definitely his first wish is to have a stunning turban on his head but when he fails to do so or remain unable to wind a delighted one, finally he opts to cut his hair.

For the persons or organizations those are dealing in the same trade to teach the turban winding skills are only using this religious and social purpose as a way to make money only and not agree to teach anything to anyone relating this art.

Our trust is serving the youngsters or teenagers since last 3 years and in the response of which we have 3-month preregistration for the participation in our Dastaar training camps. Interested persons can have a glance at our last years’ work by visiting the album placed at this page. We have been arranged more than 200 turban training camps so far and for more details, you can also visit our official portal www.DastarSira.com. Contact with us only after being satisfied with our authenticated work.

Our state Punjab is well known for the widely spreading and awareness about the religion where the highest numbers of saints are being found despite of this fact we rarely see any youth with the age range of 20 to 25 years at such holy events. No doubt that the youngsters are purely dedicated for the services like Langars and Joda Ghar, but they are not ready to be on the religious events. Heaps of money is being wasting on the name of such spiritual functions, but we are still unable to tell our young generation about the awakening sacrifices of our Gurus. Today we are at the stage where we have to zero down our focus at the ways to change the techniques to spread our rituals, and the work can be easily done by us as a young can well understand the thinking of his age-mate.

Our target via such Dastaar training camps is to bring that full-of-turbans Punjab back to the culture and after seeing an uncountable rush at our camps, we have been become more confident that Guru Ji is also leading us in this aim so we will definitely get success. If a solution would not have been done now, then one day will come when like our ‘Charkhaas’ and ‘Madhaniyaas’, our turbans will also be used only as decorative means on the stage shows.

Respectable persons first have a considerable look at the work done by us at our website www.DastarSira.com, for the Facebook users they can visit this link facebook.com/dastarsira to remain updated about our current events. We need moral support, well-wishers of Sikh religion please contact with us.

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